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The Body Is Like A Community With Different Zones Of Activities. Sometimes There Is Rebellion Somewhere Or One Neighbour Wages War Against A Part. The Government At The Brain Then Sends Signal To Parts Of The Body; Pain, Rise In Temperature And More To Warn. This Warning Then Leads To Taking Drugs. A Drug Acts Like A Law Enforcement Officer When It Gets Through The Cave Of The Mouth Or The Creek Of Blood In The Veins; To The Spot Of Riot And Disorder In The Body. In Its Fury, It Calls For Peace Or Orders A General Arrest Or Actually Starts Shooting The Trouble Makers Or The Suspects....


First, Who Are You? Who You Are Is Not A Function Of Your Size Or Your Societal Rating. Neither Is Who You Are What You Think You Are. But This Is A Good Starting Point. Who You Are Could Later Be What Historians Think You Are. Presently Who You Are Is More Of A Continuous Personal Discovery. Because People Change, Who You Are Today Was Not What You Were Before Now Or What You’ll Be Later. So You See, You Are Even A Mystery To Yourself. Who You Are Will Not Change If You Look Only At Your Name Or Your Scar....


Unfortunately, Spoken Ill Words Are Difficult To Call Back. To Eat Your Words Is To Withdraw Such Spoken Words As If To Erase Them From The Memory Of Those That Heard. Such A Desire Is For Making Amends By Acknowledging That Such Words Spoken Without Restraints, Give The Effect Of The Anger Or Misconception. Those Words Live Longer In The Minds Of Those It Was Spoken To. They Are Stabbing Words That Apologies Of A Million Kilograms Barely Could Scratch Out To Be So Forgotten. This Indicates That One Has To Be Discretional With Words....


Consider These Situations: Someone Has Wronged You But The Person Is Not Aware That He Has Done You Wrong. Another Case: Someone Has Wronged You And Is Aware Of It.again Consider These Situations: You Decide To Forgive The Person Who Is Not Aware He Wronged You By Telling Him You Have Forgiven Him. Otherwise Forgive Him Without Telling Him. Or Supposing By Telling Him You Have Forgiven Him, He Rejects The Forgiving Act As Uncalled For. Since Forgiveness Is Like A Gift Of Love, It Is Better You Pronounce It To Make It Worthy....


Vanity Is The Priding Of Oneself Of One’s Personal Appearance, Accomplishments, Conceit, Extravagance Or Ostentatious, Folly Or Futility.but People Still Accord Some Acts And Sightings Vanity Even Without Someone Visible Priding Himself. The Influential Factors For This Conclusion Stem From Uninhibited Outlandish Public Displays Or What Is Conceived As Acquisitions Rather Than Trumpeted Accomplishments....


For The Slightest Headache, Must We Rush To The Hospital? The General Answer Is “no”. You Could Take An Analgesic But If Symptoms Persist (after Two Days) Then You See Your Doctor.this Situation Raises A Question. If You Take Un-prescribed Drugs, Is It Drug Abuse? If It Is, Why Are All Drugs Not Placed On Restriction Like The Harder Narcotics?first Aid Refers To The First Positive Assistance Given In A Life Threatening Situation. And First Aid Could Also Mean The First Positive First Help In Any Challenging Situation Before You See The Professional Or Medical Doctor Or Mechanic. Therefore, An Acute Headache Also Calls For First Aid....


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