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Critical Review Network (CRN)

Critical Review Network is a publishing outfit set up mainly to encourage rethinking of stereotypes of social standards in questioning of dogmas. We do not intend to influence reasoning, tradition, culture or instituted judgements, but to comically enjoy the options of alternatives through humour.
Our outlet is in our Notions Review Magazine.
Our Publications

NOTIONS REVIEW is an entertainment publication.
The class friendly multi-interest publication reshapes reader’s focus for a better insight into various subject matters in order to encounter fresh discoveries and in the process relaxing the mind. It informs and entertains and covers peculiar subjects for the male, the female and the family. The publication is humorously spiced with articles of enduring significance, uncommon logic and most importantly, all topics remain evergreen for good economy irrespective of when you read them.
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Our Exhibitions

EXHIBITION is our blog section.
In this section, we publish at least one article for FREE on a weekly basis, but to get our bumper packages, you will need to subscribe to our PUBLICATIONS. This notion or concept review task is challenging and unique. It is a harvest of creative reasoning and induced creative writing. Generally, it celebrates our humanity to sprout a reading culture. Do not to worry about the quality of the articles in this section; they are neatly knitted for your reading pleasure.
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Key Persons

William Nimenibo

William Nimenibo is an essayist, editor and columnist for local and foreign publications. He was trained as a Civil Engineer. At various times he designed and produced over 60 indoor and outdoor games. He had written many books on various subjects including Tourism, Neuro- Engineering Psychology, Physical Literature, Poetic Art, Restrained Essays and Script Art. He is also a caligrapher and a cartoonist.
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Miebaka Henry Nimenibo

Miebaka Henry Nimenibo is a Teacher, Writer and a Business Strategist. He studied Business Management, and is also a certified Educationist. He has previously being a columnist and editor in several online publications.
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