It is difficult to know who is the hunter or the hunted. When the hunter and the hunted are playing games no one could win, who is hunting whom becomes a guess. When the hunter refuses to hide or be stealth before stalking his prey and the hunted is in defiance setting traps to trap the hunter, the true roles of the genders get confusing.

Between the male and the female, who hunts whom? Tradition gives men the status of hunter but the female too hunts the hunters by choosing which hunter she likes best. She takes liberty on choosing whose trap she wishes to enter. A person under a tree having the liberty to choose any fruit is a hunter. So are women who come to the tree to chose among the parade of male fruit’s suitors; seekers. The males are the hunted.

Otherwise if it’s the male that goes under the tree to pick from among the fruits of women, then the women are the hunted.

Therefore who hunts who is relative to the circumstance. Men hunt to get agreeing women and since this takes place most of a man’s life, the impression is made that men are the hunters. But in later life when a woman sees the need to hook a man and get married, she hunts the men with distinctive baits, generous smiles, first to make acquaintance or letting down her guide to encourage the lecherous male who still thinks he is about to trap a prey but is actually being trapped. He gets  little or no resistance in his bid and by the time he lays claim to the territory, the woman is laying claim on him as a captive in her territory; her fiancé.

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