Since no institution teaches people how to live in a house or how to use specific rooms like the toilet or bathroom, misuse largely occurs and this poses a grave danger to the next user.
It is only necessary to find a forum to enlighten the public on the do’s and don’ts to achieve healthy results for all.
Since WC usage is behind closed doors, no one can guess if there would be a health issue to be encountered when the last occupant comes out.

Besides the stupidity and carelessness of some people urinating on the floor or on the toilet seat, there could even be splashing of waste from the toilet bowl onto the floor. Even the use of unwashed hands to flush or to open the door leading out, these are besides the unknown general health status of the previous users.

This concern could induce a culture of consideration toward others in the use of the facility thus preventing acts which would encourage transmission of communicable diseases.

This consciousness is intended to reduce acts that could lead to personal injuries or accidents caused by ignorance. It would also encourage the development of good personal hygiene and laudable habits behind closed doors.


-   Don’t stand on the seat, it could give way and result in fatal injury.
-   Don’t urinate on or over the seat of the WC. It is bad for the next user.
-   For a public toilet, use tissue paper to clean the seat cover before use. After cleaning, drop such tissue into the bowl to dampen the water in other to prevent it erupting and splashing its contents on to your naked bottom when you use it. Don’t put too much tissue into the bowl otherwise, it wouldn’t flash and lead to blockage.
-   You can cover the handle of the WC with tissue when to flush in order not to come in contact with it.
-    After using the WC, the door handle leading out of the toilet usually contains bacteria hence remember that your hands need protection by proper washing with soap as the final act of visiting the toilet.  

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