Some faces affect the mind, hence in taking some decisions looking first at such a face could intimidate you and lower your resolve. It could even change your mind. The power in the face is like hypnotism. Some faces hypnotize while some faces are persuading. They seem to influence our will even without talking to us but only being present. Some faces intimidate.

Some faces attract you. Like a magnet, they distort your concentration and you seek to want to get closer to the face. This is the influence that is usually referred to “love at first sight” the magnetism is beyond explanation. You can also perceive evil even though a smiling face. Such face could set off your premonition, you fear to do business with the face. A face can conjure up thoughts of people, events or scenes. Some faces therefore are the key we need to unlock distant memories. Some faces make you feel comfortable as they portray genial humanity— as if heavenly sent.  These faces make you confident for no reason. You could divulge your secrets or believe that your problems are about to end in their presence.

Such faces give your face confidence. Like a yawn is thus transferred, so do you gain in a positive way the feeling of positive thoughts that could set you aright positively. Some faces have an instant effect on our face when such face has a permanent feature like a smile. They brighten your day without even trying. They make a smile also appear on your face. Sometimes, at wrong places; even where there is mourning. Some faces arouse your emotions. These are the types they refer to as bed room eyes. Often said “face fears face.”

It is not the authority that a person has that makes people fear their face. Some faces of authority, fear faces of subordinates. The faces to fear have either trouble written all over them or they look hunting or menacing and unfriendly. Some faces referred to as “baby faces” or “ever young faces” are those of adults which have deceiving appearance. They do not command much power due to the childlike retention that they portray.

The power in some faces is the way they affect other faces, intimidatingly or entrusting such weaker faces with confidence. The power seems to come from the eyes and from the expression the various features give the face.

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