Earth is a prison without walls. Every living thing is in this prison serving various sentences for various offences known only to the Jailer. The prison has no wall or gate hence escaping is meaningless because everywhere is open but to where? The only escape route is through a six feet deep tunnel dug for the purpose and closed with sand as the fence when one is in.

The actual key out of the tunnel is having unconsciousness; the intangible master key. But to gain unconsciousness one has to die. But the prison life is so exciting that no one really wants to escape. Some wish to be prisoners for as long as eternity. Unfortunately at the end to their sentence, they MUST leave. They are leaving to go to yet another prison. That new prison is not our focus for now. The earth prison allows one to do hard labour in sourcing food. You don’t work, you don’t eat. But you are allowed certain privileges. You can have any type of comfort you like but you will never take any item out when you are leaving. So in the end, it is madness to work too hard to earn too much— to own too much space filled with what other lazy prisoners would inherit in laughter after you leave.

Some prisoner’s sentence are as short as one second, some one hour; an embryo. Others, 10 or 59 or even 112 years. The advantage of leaving early is that, like a child, your atrocities might be so negligible that you are adjudged innocent hence little or no further sentence for you in the next prison. Your records would be like you never even came to prison. If you are lucky, you’ll have no name.

A man who was scheduled to service 100 years and starts living dangerously to earn a broken leg at 32 will not die then. He would suffer his broken leg as additional punishment until he completes his sentence. Even if he bled to the point of death he would not die. He would recover to live his full sentence. This is what at times we call a ‘miracle’. The punishment of a long prison sentence is actually a blessing to some. They live in good health while those in punishment live everyday in agony.

Some prisoners kill other prisoners either intentionally or accidentally. Sometimes the man they killed has actually completed his sentence and they are doing him a favour to release him as at when due. But a man who was to live for 50 years and at 25; they kill him because he was very bad— he would thereafter continue his prison service more severely in the next prison he has been sent to. But if he was a very good man and they killed him, his early exist could grant him pardon in his next prison. Nothing done in the prison is hidden because the vastness of the heavens surrounds the entire earth with stars like eyes. Therefore the unseen Jailer knows the conduct of every prisoner for assessment when due. So those that kill a man to release him unduly would be punished.

It means any time one leaves the earth prison it has an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how good or bad the character— the Jailer decides the punishment or compensation for each case.

Don’t be deceived, the prisoners’ doctors are not doing you a favour. They are also serving their own sentences. If you die in their hands, they would not be punished, but if their act was deliberate, they are seen.

So die whenever you like, you would not be cheating any inmate or the Jailer. The key to unconsciousness is free.

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