When people are in love they look happy and it signifies a good spirit in them. They smile, they are merry, they are in a light-mood, their depressions fade away, and they are generally lively. Their health seems to improve, but underlining their mood is an inert yet potentially explosive illness acquired that can be triggered by an attitude or a behavior of the other partner. The illness can take a dangerous turn capable of instituting a mental disorder, even suicide at the extreme.

The symptoms manifest quickly a rapid loss of concentration, increased heartbeat, uneasiness, easy irritability, no coordination, visible depression and loss of self-confidence. It also helps to develop a moral hatred of a causative party.              
Anybody who is in love is a potential carrier of this Potentially Overbearing Destructive Emotional Syndrome (PODES).                                

When the illness attacks, it has the power of rendering a sane man vulnerable to acts of madness; exhibiting unwanted hostility to the third party like a rabid dog. The affected literarily barks at the wrong person for otherwise inconsequential things. The illness precipitates a loss of appetite which over time affects the human girth like emasculating atrophy.

A simple scene is Dan who was visibly in love with Ann. Besides the envelope of accommodating the shortcomings of each other, they appeared happy. But Dan was informed of Ann's secret affair with Ron and he also heard erstwhile unknown truths about Ann.

Now considering that he was now being mocked by his friends and has gradually acquired a feeling of betrayal in love, he senses any response by Ann to his accusation is deceit. He seems to have lost his sense of judgment. He cannot be rational to sieve truth from falsehood, his temper rises, his aggression leaps out to confront the innocent that crosses his path. Heat builds up in his bosom, he is hysterical and confused. He is sick. Triggered by Dan's irrational behavior, Ann on her own part has lost her traditional meekness. She is highly irritable. She looks morose, unpredictable and more dangerous.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine yet to cure PODES. Luckily, it is not contagious; it is such a strange illness which sometimes gets worse after separating from each other, unlike other illness which promises relief after separation from the source of contact. Sweet Romance can kill swiftly.

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