Healing is the feeling of lightening of a burden. It is the feeling of improvement, a state of restoration, healing of the body or the mind is in a state of reduced stress; a lightheartedness like a covering or the removal of pain or guilt.  It is also a state of attaining forgiveness or reduced punishment. Healing is a feeling of upliftment from a bother. It is a feeling of recovery from a state of despair. Healing is like an embracement of rarity.

The healing power of beauty is in the production of the symptoms of healing by the encounter of beauty. The state of a mind for beauty to have an effect would be; boredom, depression, anxiety, monotony and a feeling of being in the doldrums.

Beauty is a state of appeal, an approval, a preference, a grace, an art, a splendour. When such a mind now encounters beauty, the mind suddenly is gripped in awe about the wonder of the new sight. The cowing effect of the uniqueness or the originality, the feeling of want like a pang of hunger to possess, the wishful thinking of the effect proximity to the ‘picture’ would evoke, the acknowledgement of the order and artistry of nature and finally, the appreciation of God.

The effect is such that the mental state is affected positively to reduce mind congestion, bring down anxiety erstwhile governing the mind and positively induce an inner peace within the troubled landscape of such a person’s mind. In totality, the person feels like one who has received therapy of an inequitable dimension.

Harnessing beauty as a health therapy should be to encounter the beauty and acknowledge it or to seek beauty, out of obscure formations even in clouds of smoke. The beauty in a cloud could be the resemblance of a face moving or the blend of colours. The beauty of the sea could be found in the expanding ripples of a fallen pebble or the reflection of the sun.

Realization of beauty has the effect of receiving a pleasurable shock that stimulates the mind to lower its possession of a burden, howbeit temporarily like the effect of a paralyzing drug that numbs away the pain of the heart or the yoke of the mind.

The healing power of beauty could be felt at the instant of its effect on the mind. It is an acknowledgement of a change of mood. Such feeling transports the person like attainment of happiness and a happy mind is graceful in conduct and a reflection of everyone’s ultimate desire.

There is beauty in variety. An encounter with a variety of a form sharpens one’s perception of the artistry in the design of diverse forms, the ambience of colours or the power of creativity in the thought for the product. Different forms, therefore, afford appreciation of fine logic or the genius in the all-embracing process of the thought production.

The power of the shock of an encounter with variety could be felt in the differences in race, gender, geometry, species spectrum and even in space and time. This shock feeling exudes the temperance, the good product elicits and stamps the aura of beauty around the object beheld. So when men stare at birds, different house designs, cars or even the faces of different women, the feeling is the same; awe-inspiring feeling from beauty. Beauty, therefore, impresses the thought and in the process induces a healing effect as it seems to reduce the racing rhythm of the heartbeat to a steady rhyme just as relaxation offers; thus healing.

The healing effect of beauty could be readily enhanced as beauty is more abundant and always around us. Abundance, therefore, could becloud the thoughts to miss the realities of the offer. Realizing healing, therefore, is first in the knowledge that beauty abounds and the mind fashioned to acknowledge it. The object producing beauty is non-exhaustive as it includes the faces of humanity, a graceful child, a lovely man and much more.
A man availing himself of the beauty in faces achieves a lightheartedness and healing from the effect.

This is beauty as a visual encounter of finesse: the healing from the pleasure of staring.

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