Assuming there was no Africa on the map; no people, no land, the remaining people of the world would be having a great challenge.
The preamble to prepare our minds to perceive a natural design-sustenance feat or mode in the creation of the human species is as follows:

This supposition on the map omission of the continent of Africa raises dust on race which is contentious. But this analysis is not a scale of race assessment but a view through non-blindfolded eyes.

Firstly, my drift: There are two main races— white and black. The others are potent spices in the soup called humanity. The nature-rule and plan remain the co-existence of opposites— men and women, heaven and hell, right and left, the daring and the emotional, the strong and the weak, the fast and the slow.

So each race exists to co-exist with the other, hence either has one quality different from that of the other in order that both survive together. A female must be weak for a strong male to protect or for the male to be able to strain out the food for both.
When it comes to race, without prejudice, whites are fast thinkers while blacks are rather slow. Blacks seem to be built with more physical strength. But the fast thinking advantage of the whites bridges the gap of their lesser strength, hence the evidence of co-axed strength through stronger than man improvisations or technology. The blacks are more emotional hence less daring. Being daring favours those who take a risk—which then can lead to the production of new technology. Being emotional helps produce music and makes the mind malleable to suggested ideas, hence the white men’s idea on religion during the missionary times sank in fast within the Africans. Maybe for God, this is an advantage to get much glorifying larger praises from the continent.

The advantage of the African strength to get things done probably led to the long years of slave trade orchestrated by the weak race using thought products as ships and guns.

Being emotional has its disadvantage— no daring acts, and then no technology is the result. Even the brute force has its disadvantages— more unreasonable outburst leading to fights and death. The compatibility factor is in the fact that the fast thinking side would quickly produce essential medicine to treat the erstwhile strong but now wounded. So in essence, all races can now live interdependently together in harmony. This appears like a default setting.

There are other default settings that might not be immediately apparent even among the same gender. Menopause is a setting in the adult female to prevent competition for childbearing and marriage in favour of the upcoming younger girls. Erectile dysfunction in the adult male is also a default handicap setting to save the lives of young girls from heavy competition among the viral male and in favour of the younger male to procreate. So, this is a population control default setting to stem undue erections.

The existence of Africa is unique for a major reason: to enable the rest of the world to survive— the main reason is economic.
The main economic expectation of nature is trade, buy to enable the rest produce, thus facilitating lifelong business sustenance for the producers. If there are no buyers then there would be no need to produce, and no product means no work, then economic problems— no employment, and harsh reality to live in.

No African land means less global resources. But the populace is the greatest resource.
For similarity in forests, the Amazons would have stood in for Africa’s absence but not for the population.
So for the people of Africa to save the world at large, nature has to maintain a behavioural act. Africans need to be people who don’t worry. And if you don’t worry, you don’t need too much thinking. Not that you are stupid, you don’t need to be too inquisitive, otherwise, you might produce something and prevent the rest from earning.

For Africa to fit into that relaxed default plan, they must be emotional enough not to want to take risks. Otherwise, it could lead to discovery.
The relaxed mode makes for non-thoroughness. You don’t need to.  Let the others be, in order that you can appreciate their patience and buy their products.  

So this creates room for the production of various building materials, roofing materials, cooking utensils, household goods, transportation, textile, drugs, shoes, bags, even toothpick and sponge, or used damaged cars.
To buy, the African only has to own land and gets cash for anything on it or buried in it. This cash has to come first from the outside manufacturer for the African people to refund later through trade.

Again to encourage visitation, the African habitat has to be made exotic; gifted with the strange design of animals not found elsewhere, like a long-necked giraffe or a jumbo-sized flightless bird, the ostrich or a boxing kangaroo.
A bit of inconvenience would also be good for business so the African place is made very hot. This leads the others, the West and the East to produce air conditioners, lanterns, buckets and generators for convenience. There must be plenty of mosquitoes to encourage the drug production business from outside. Great thinking by nature!

So the business opportunity that guarantees the survival of the others is enhanced.
The others must be the ones thinking for the African environment to aid their foreign economic well-being.
If the thinkers think, they would develop their own lands and in wonder, the African would pay to go there; another economic prospect.
And because the African is not so bothered and is forbidden by default to think, he would not think deeply to know when to ignore trivial issues, so every now and then he gets irritated and agitated and goes to fight. Another good business outlet as the thinkers would now think and produce him guns which he would buy. Then the outside world would be prosperous.
The thinkers can think for the African and produce what he would not think he needs like the cloth Feni only used by Nigerians but produced in India.

The slogan is: “Think for him as your business and you will survive. Call yourself expatriate, he would patronize you.”
So it is “live and let live”. This system if understood properly abhors racism. Africa is the survival ace for the world at large.
The African design is the default master plan for the survival of the rest.
The default setting is not a fault or a sign of imperfection from the creator. In his words “I will confound the wise with the foolish things of the world” (1 Corinthians 1:27). Therefore, it is not degrading for the people of Africa in teams of intelligence. It is not about superiority or inferiority of any race nor brain size or favouritism. It is a grand plan for the unity of the human race with each playing its part for the joint survival of all of them.

In nature, a well-known survival strategy is the application of the handicap system.
For most dangerous animals, their numbers are few, for the least dangerous, their number numerous. One or more disadvantage favours the other. For co-existence, the status quo must be maintained. For the African, the default plan of the creator is: I give you a relaxed brain, I put you in a fruitful forest or garden, so you can eat at any time you like and no need to think for the West and the East. The default plan for the West: I give you a thinking brain but I put you in a harsh cold and mountainous environment. The harsh environment is to kick-start and stimulate thinking. Once you start, there is no limit. You can think of anything and that would encourage you to do anything. You can even shift the moon if you think it out. The picture would be clearer if we use one product of mental effort. The Europeans produce cars, the Indians also produce, so does Chinese, who would buy from each other? Okay, the Brazilians have a rain forest and if nothing else, they would buy. But how many would they need? And if they too produce their own cars then the problem can be seen. The world needs a big market, a continent to balance the supply and demand aspect for general survival.

That is why the African continent is the default setting for world economic survival. Any deviation would be catastrophic. Therefore with this understanding, there is no need for the world to say Africa has not contributed to the world’s technology and civilization. Contributions should not be measured in: resource of trains, planes, rockets or even metallic spoons produced, but the number bought— this should be seen in the same eyes of the higher wisdom that set this default.

I’m in Africa, I would need someone to design a machine that could dress my bed, change the sheets, tuck in and fix the pillow. After going to the toilet, I would need a robot that would clean my ass— wash it, dry it and powder it, maybe perfume it.    
Finally, in recognition of the great thinkers who have designed x-ray machines and ultrasound machines that ‘see’ through layers of a shield— to view bones or unborn babies. I would wish a kind of specks, when I wear, I can identify witches and wizards around me. That actually is an African need the West can tap into and make money from.
Remember that by default, I’m not supposed to think for any other race.

For the conclusion of the matter, Everybody should accept the fact however painful and embarrassing this reality is:
The consequence of not thinking is that you don’t plan for your children or the future. The end result is that your children too would not know how to think. Therefore, they can’t also plan for their own children and their future. That means a vicious circle. No thinking means no vision for moving ahead. The African everywhere lives for the present, hence, that explains his high crime rate to satisfy his immediate needs. Now that the picture is clear,
The creator of the universe and all that was created including the African remains wonderfully and fearfully made, and thus perfect.
There will be no technological contribution from the African continent until the end of time for the sake and compromise of humanity’s survival in general.

Finally, if you are African and you love thinking, see yourself as a mutation. You are advised to leave right now to the West to produce goods for the African continent. If you are a Professor and you want to stay, feel at home to enjoy the respect of your Western intellect but don’t waste time producing anything— it is forbidden even to think about that. Primitive and illiterate ideas called tradition override modern learning, therefore, no room for experimentation. 'Continued Education' for the African is very essential in order that he would be abreast with the latest trends and developments in the world. With higher knowledge, even in space science and molecular biology, he would be able to appreciate and intelligently negotiate new prospects of business as would be eventually proposed for the human survival concept business. Case closed.

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