Money itself is an unspoken physical language. The voice of money is silent yet it is so loud that it can be heard not through the ear but through the eye to the mind. The voice and flow of the language are in its exchange. Money, therefore, is a solid language that is understood when it is communicating in the exchange between hands. Money is a tool of communication. It is a good example of action speaking louder than words; money on its own speaks louder than words.

If you give out money ordinarily, you’ll be expressing friendship. When money appears on the spur of the moment, it speaks differently to different people, hence it is often said that everybody has his own price. So money speaks mildly or harshly and gets things done.

Money actually speaks physically when it makes a distinctive note or noise why drooped. From its sound, you could tell if the money was big money or a small fry. Drop a coin and it sounds like an empty tin of milk. But drop a wad and it gives a dull sound as if you are closing the door of a Mercedes Benz— the luxurious sound. Money talks through the impressions of the things bought with them or worn.

The language of money is universally understood and it is loud. When money speaks, you do not need to understand the local dialect or language of the environment, yet you acknowledge that money is speaking in opulence, in décor, and in the menu.

The voice of money is like a distant bell, it pinches your consciousness, sets your imagination to work and before long you are obeying the command in the sound and voice of money.

When money is owned, it does not necessarily have to be near to speak to the owner. Its voice connects with the mind and directs operations of any kind with a promise of support. Its voice is so loud that it drowns reason, or how do you explain the rationale of billionaire Daniel K. Ludwig who invested a billion dollars trying to build a private empire in the impenetrable Brazilian rain forest. Among the things he built are 4,800 kilometres of roads, forty-one kilometres of railroad only to be abandoned owing to the impossible living conditions due to inclement weather.

Seeing money is hearing its voice telling you to do something to earn it or to lose it. Always wash your eyes ‘to hear’ the voice of money dictating to your heart.

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