Green was a civil engineer looking for a job. When his CV came to the attention of the personnel officer in the employment department, something interested them to invite him for an interview. Under ‘experience’, Green had written; ‘design of reinforced concrete grave and other odd community assistance projects’.

“Hey, Mr Green, do you design graves always?”
“No, only once.”
“Is the grave for a whale or an elephant?”
“No, it is not.”
“Is it for a hippopotamus then?”
“No, it’s for a chief.”
“Was he very fat?”
“No, he was average height and physique.”
“Why then do you have to design his grave?”
“The community requested it.”
“Why? If I may ask.”
“They were afraid of the man.”
“Was he not dead?”
“He was, they say he is more dangerous dead than alive.”
“Interesting! What is the grave to do for him?”
“It’s like a special prison.”
“But you said he was a chief. Is that how they treat their chiefs?”
“Why was his case different then?”
“That was why his was designed. Others were not.”
“I don’t understand.”
“His was designed so that he would not reach out to other loyal souls to join him in his course against the community.”
“Could he possibly do that?”
“They say he was very influential among the people when he was alive.”
“Do you believe such a thing can happen?”
“In Africa, strange things happen. Anything is possible.”
“I like your optimism. That is the quality we need. You can start work tomorrow.”

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