When a woman puts on jewellery, she is jewel personified. Her looks become spectacular. She is telling the male that she is valuable, she is expensive and not in need. She appreciates in class or outrightly, she is attractive enough for attention.
The jewellery adds to her beauty and places her in a class. Yet men do not so much judge a girl's beauty by the nature of her jewellery.

But when a man puts on jewellery, he is not trying to attract the female as he might think. Men do not attract females rather it is they who attract the male. He might think he is trying to show that he is expensive or could afford costly toys, but he gives the wrong message. Jewellery does not make a man handsome; it rather makes him effeminate or sissy-like. This could instead disqualify him as a real man in the sphere of women’s thought. In terms of showing that he can afford to buy expensive jewellery, the cost of what he is putting on rather portrays his taste as well as his arrogance and pocket. It makes him extravagant as unlike if the same jewellery was over a woman.

The next problem is that jewellery becomes a continuous threat to his relationships. He might end up losing all the women he is trying to attract or impress.
John loves gold chains so he had one on. A girl he was courting now loved the chain and demanded it. After much protest, he promised to buy her another but she refused and demanded the very one he had on. Unfortunately for him, she first said she wanted to feel the chain, so he removed it and gave it to her, now she would not hand it back. The haggling continued until in anger she threw the chain at him, and walked out on him.

Paul’s case is not different, his own chain was given to him by his wife, now his mistress would not believe the source of the chain and in anger to his refusal to part with it, she cut it, flung it away, and that ended another relationship.

Rowland was a little lucky, his girlfriend accepted his buying her the same type of chain he had on. Time is running out and he cannot afford to spend that kind of money now, so he is dodging or rather hiding from her. He is now at the edge of losing her.

Some men wear earrings, others wear multiple rings on their fingers, others wear chains as thick as a dog’s restraint, with pendants as wide as a traffic warning sign. Even if the chain is made of 24-carat gold and the pendant adorned with diamonds, should a man look like a beast of burden heaving tons of unnecessary metals? Even fashionable women would not have the strength to carry that entire load for their beauty’s sake. Jewellery is like slavery; the manacles of slavery.

For men, there are manly areas for jewellery; the shirt cuff, the tie clip, the shirt-collar front-clamp and the strap of wristwatches. In extreme cases; the hands of spectacles, the buckles of belts or the clips of fountain pens. For men who love jewellery, they can replace buttons of their shirts with gold or silver studs.
Such men, for want of visible ornaments, can consolingly have golden key holders and heads of walking sticks if their wedding rings are not enough. They can convert all their keys to pure silver or gold and haul them along like shackles of self-imposed slavery.

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